The miss-the-spot light by roumelight
The wheelight gold-n-blue by roumelight
The smithereens light by roumelight
The wheelight deepurple by roumelight
Posted on 01 Mar 2016

Welcome to the new

Dear visitor, I welcome you to our new website!

Since the beginning of my short yet artistic life travel, I soon realised the deep importance of light in our lives... moreover I understood the importance of communication - by any means. The way light diffuses, the same information does. Today technology may bring people together for the common good... Sharing and spreading creative ideas like the light using internet is essential to me. Today I am proud to launch a new website and let you get informed about my works, events and projects. The new website offers a set of advantages:

  • pointclean & minimal design
  • pointview it on smartphones or tablets
  • pointfast & easy menus
  • pointpreview in detail each artwork
  • pointshare with friends & colleagues

So thanks for visiting and hope to see you soon one day. Happy browsing!!!

Vasileios Roumeliotis

A work preview in the new website

detailed photos

clean detailed photos to preview each work

The contact form of the new website

easy contact

the user-friendly form will let you contact us in zero time


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